PITCH done gone away…

top row (left to right)
Issue No. 09, SPRING / SUMMER 2008, by Matthew Brady, 1863.
Issue No. 08, WINTER 2008, by Gibbs Rounsavall
Issue No. 07, FALL 2007, Museum Plaza concept model, courtesy of REX

middle row (left to right)
Issue No. 06, PRE-FALL 2007, Delilah Smyth as Queen of the Night, photo by Eddie Dant
Issue No. 05, SPRING / SUMMER 2007, by Anthony Goicolea
Issue No. 04, WINTER 2007, photo by Clay Lancaster

bottom row (left to right)
Issue No. 03, FALL 2006, by Mason Maxey and Bobby Clifton
Issue No. 02, PRE-FALL 2006, Amanda Diehl at 21C Museum, photo by Matt Stone
Issue No. 01, SPRING / SUMMER 2006, by Sarah Lyon